so not be scared of the big food yes? :)


Yes :) i study plant science at university and i fully believe that GM crops are positive and they’re essential if we’re going to feed the population! Most crops are already GM and you don’t even know; corn is modified to produce big cobs that we eat today, from the tiny ones it used to produce. Even rye bread that is sold in shops is made with hybrid-wheat, so that’s GM too! 

But why the country of Hungary burn the GM foods there?


I don’t know very much about Hungary, but i know that GM crops widely viewed as dangerous for consumption by activist groups, those that believe it’s dangerous to play God and insert genes. Essentially, those who do not understand the science are afraid of it. I think better education to abolishing the notion that GM crops are dangerous is important in making them commonplace in shops.  They are often larger, tastier and more resilient with no side effects to human health.  

Don't it some not expected things happen from the GM foods sometimes?


GM organisms are highly tested before they go onto the market, and there shouldn’t be, but i guess we can’t factor something unexpected in. The genes translocated into crops to confer resistance are usually from a wild cousin of the plant or similar, so they aren’t dangerous and there are no side effects.   

None of the silly accusations like ‘genes from GM crops will get into human DNA!’ are even possible though. We eat potatoes all the time, we don’t suddenly get potato DNA.